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What Is CBN?

The cannabinoid known as CBN, or Cannabinol to be specific, is a minor but important compound that comes from the degradation of THC and is most known to aid in sleep disorders. Found in the flower’s trichome resin glands, this weak psychoactive cannabinoid is only appears in trace elements, even though it’s responsible for the heavy “couch-lock” like effects of many Indica based varieties. Although it doesn’t have a very wide range of physical or mental effects, CBN’s sedative qualities are very notable in that it can make you noticeably sleepy and hungry.

Cannabinol may not have a wide range of effects, but it does help to aid in a large selection of different medical such as insomnia, appetite stimulation, mild anxiety, Restless Leg Syndrome, PMS, PTSD, and ADD/ADHD. It also acts as a mild anti-bacterial compound.