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What Is Sativa?

The subspecies known as Sativaor Hybrid-Sativais a type of cannabis that normally contains the largest amounts of THC and therefore has the most notable psychoactive effects. Sativas are very tall, thin and fast growing plants that originated as landrace varieties in such places as Jamaica, Africa and Thailand just to name a few.

The highly euphoric, mentally uplifting and thought provoking head buzz that are sometimes responsible for endless laughing fits almost always come from Sativa dominant plants. Some Sativa strains are great for starting your day as they can be even more energetic than a fresh cup of coffee. Others are more clear-headed and can actually help you to focus your mind on a single task or even multiple tasks at once.

Sativa dominant plants are most known to help with such medical conditions as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD), ADD/ADHD, migraines, PMS, depression, mild nausea, and muscles spasms. It’s also used many different ways as an anti-psychotic.